The Care Act 2014 establishes criteria which require the sharing of confidential information. It is important, therefore, to establish, within the context of safeguarding adults, an agreement for sharing information between partner agencies.

For the purposes of safeguarding adults, relevant information will be shared to:

  • Keep Adults at the centre of the safeguarding adults process
  • Involve the Adult in decision making processes
  • Coordinate partnership working and improve delivery of services
  • Standardise the safeguarding adults process
  • Share relevant and updated information to prevent unnecessary duplication of data collection / creation processes
  • Help identify other people who may be at risk of abuse and take appropriate steps to ensure their safety and wellbeing
  • Assist with the prevention and detection of crime
  • Investigate and address complaints
  • Establish and share learning outcomes where possible
  • Facilitate and incorporate governance arrangements and monitoring processes

Statistical information may be shared to:

  • Coordinate partnership working and improve delivery of services
  • Train staff and set, monitor and maintain professional standards
  • Identify relevant patterns and trends of abuse and to inform or improve practice
  • Manage, plan, commission and contract services
  • Develop multi-agency strategies
  • Improve performance and management audit
  • Inform local and national research initiatives

See also: SSAB Information Sharing and Confidentiality Agreement