Staff or volunteers within a voluntary agency should raise their concerns in accordance with their own Individual Agency Guidance, linked to the overall Safeguarding Adult Procedure. If appropriate, safeguarding measures should be put in place and an online Safeguarding Adult Concern form completed and forwarded to the Safeguarding Adults Team.

Where there is anyone in the agency equipped or qualified to apply the Safeguarding Threshold Guidance Tool to inform decision making in respect of the level of harm this should be included on the Safeguarding Adult Concern form. This will be clear within Individual Agency Guidance. Any advice can be obtained by contacting the Safeguarding Adults Team.

Where a Strategy Discussion/Strategy Meeting is to be convened, this will be coordinated by the Safeguarding Adults Team. Representatives from the voluntary agency will be asked to contribute as a partner agency in the process.

Discussion may need to take place regarding who is the appropriate person/agency to manage the safeguarding process (depending upon the nature of the concern and where the abuse or neglect is alleged to have taken place). In some instances, it may be that the Safeguarding Manager within the Safeguarding Adults Team will manage the process, particularly for smaller voluntary agencies.

In those cases where staff misconduct is an issue, disciplinary procedures will also be instigated. The disciplinary and safeguarding processes can be followed simultaneously; one should not preclude the other.