The Local Authority’s Complaints and Feedback Team receive complaints and concerns raised by service users, their relatives or members of the public about various matters and issues.

If the complaint is considered to be one that may involve abuse or neglect, or the risk of abuse or neglect, the Complaints Manager – Adult Services will immediately pass the complaint to the Safeguarding Adults Team. The Safeguarding Adults Team will consider the complaint and make a decision on whether or not it is appropriate for it to be considered under the Safeguarding Adults Procedures. If it is not appropriate, the Safeguarding Adults Team will ask the Complaints Manager – Adult Services to proceed in dealing with the matter through the Complaints Procedure.

In those cases where the Safeguarding Adults Procedure is invoked the Complaints Manager – Adult Services, will notify the complainant that the complaint will be managed under the Safeguarding Adults Procedures. Once the safeguarding process is concluded, any outstanding elements of the complaint will be considered for progression through the Safeguarding Adults Complaints Procedure.