By being familiar with Sunderland’s safeguarding adults policy and procedures, and internal agency whistleblowing and complaints procedures, staff are immediately alerted to the possibility that abuse or neglect could take place within any context. This will enable them to be open and honest with regard to care issues and concerns, including their own developmental needs and the appraisal of the practices within the workplace.

Where a safeguarding adults concern has been raised about an individual or group of individuals, staff from organisations that are involved with them (either by supporting them or directly delivering care) will participate in Safeguarding Adults Strategy Discussions/Strategy Meetings where it is deemed appropriate that they are involved. These Strategy Discussions/Strategy Meetings will be coordinated by the Safeguarding Adults Team. Examples of organisations who may be involved include adult social care, local NHS providers, private, voluntary and independent sector providers, and housing providers (this list is not exhaustive).

In those cases where staff misconduct is an issue, disciplinary procedures will also be instigated. The disciplinary and safeguarding processes can be followed simultaneously; one should not preclude the other.

See also: Section 1.8.2 Whistleblowing