Concerns identified by a paid employee or volunteer should be reported to the appropriate person identified within each agency – usually the Alerter’s line manager. The person who receives the information from the Alerter is called the Responsible Person (however, in some organisations the Responsible Person and the Safeguarding Lead can be the same person).

It is important, therefore, that each agency clearly identifies who (which role/job title) is the Responsible Person and Safeguarding Lead within their agency. This should be written into Individual Agency Guidance.

It is the role of the Responsible Person/Safeguarding Lead to receive and review the information provided and apply the safeguarding thresholds to determine the level of harm. The Responsible Person/Safeguarding Lead should also review action taken by the Alerter, including any immediate safeguarding measures and whether any additional measures need to be taken to lower any risk level. Based on that information, the Responsible Person/Safeguarding Lead completes the online SAC Form via the Safeguarding Portal, to notify the Safeguarding Adults Team.  If appropriate and in accordance with Individual Agency Guidance the Responsible Person may need to consult with the Safeguarding Adults Lead in their own agency.

See also: Section 2 – Safeguarding Procedures relating to adults at risk