In support of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s ‘Violence against Women and Girls’ Strategy, Northumbria Police has developed a proactive method of identifying and tackling¬†domestic abuse perpetrators.¬† An analytical programme is used to highlight those who cause the most harm, then once identified a multi-agency process will be implemented to actively target the most harmful individuals with the intended outcome of reducing reoffending and safeguarding victims.

This procedure outlines individual responsibilities and ownership in the process of identifying and tackling domestic abuse perpetrators, including serial domestic abuse perpetrators.

In order to identify the most harmful perpetrator, a process has been developed using an analytical programme namely the Recency, Frequency, Gravity (RFG) process. Partner referrals are incorporated into the process, and assessed against the RFG criteria. This then determines subjects for targeting and produces a subject (perpetrator) profile. MATAC meetings are held 4 weekly and are used to determine the method of targeting each perpetrator and to manage and track partnership actions.