The purpose of the MAPPA framework is to protect the public, including previous victims of crime, from serious harm by sexual and violent offenders. It requires the local criminal justice agencies and other bodies dealing with offenders to work together in partnership in dealing with these offenders to share information, assess the risk of serious harm and manage that risk.

Identification of relevant offenders

Those offenders subject to MAPPA fall into the following categories:

  • Category 1: Registered sexual offender as specified under Part 2 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003
  • Category 2: Violent Offenders and Other Sexual Offenders:

a. an offender convicted (or found not guilty by reason of insanity or to be unfit to stand trial and to have done the act charged) of murder or an offence specified under Schedule 15 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 (CJA 2003) who received a qualifying sentence or disposal for that offence (see paragraph 6.6 Parts A & B); or

b. an offender subject to a Disqualification Order for an offence listed under Schedule 4 of the Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000 (see paragraph 6.6 Part C)

  • Category 3: Other dangerous offenders: a person who has been cautioned, reprimanded, warned or convicted of an offence which indicates that he or she is capable of causing serious harm and requires multi-agency management at level 2 or 3.  The offence might not be one specified in Schedule 15 of the CJA 2003.

Referrals into MAPPA

Where any agency identifies and offender not automatically included in MAPPA, whose behaviour is giving cause for concern in terms of public protection, that agency should gather information, and based upon a risk assessment, make a referral into MAPPA using the MAPPA referral form (ask Northumbria Police for the latest version), this should be sent to the Northumbria Police MAPPA Unit by secure email.

Northumbria Police – MAPPA Unit (MOSOVO Department):

North Tyneside Police HQ
Middle England Lane
NE28 9NT

Secure email:

Further information can be found at the MAPPA website.