There may be times when an Adult at Risk may experience abuse from another person who can be identified as an Adult at Risk in these circumstances whilst it may be important to be sensitive to the circumstances of the situation and other factors such as Mental Capacity. As in all Safeguarding cases the principles of Making Safeguarding Personal should be applied to ensure the desired outcome of the adult experiencing abuse has been sought. It is essential to consider that those experiencing abuse in these situations can expect the same response as any person at risk of abuse. Whilst steps may have been taken to safeguard both individuals it is essential that a safeguarding concern is also submitted. It is also important to note that the needs of the person at risk who is the alleged subject of abuse should be addressed separately from the needs of the person alleged to be causing them harm.

If it is assessed that the service user continues to pose a threat to others (service users, staff etc), then this should be included in any information passed onto service providers / strategic partners.