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SSAB Strategic Documents

SSAB Annual Report 2022-2023

SSAB Annual Report 2021-2022

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SSAB Annual Report 2020-2021 Easy Read

Safeguarding Adults (ADSS National Framework)

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Forms & Guidance

Safeguarding Adults Concern (SAC) Form (Online Portal) – this online form is for professionals to complete, to raise a safeguarding adults concern.  If you have a query whilst completing it, please first refer to the guidance document on the Portal (a link to this is also available below).  If that doesn’t resolve your query, or you find you have a technical difficulty with the Portal, please call the Safeguarding Adults Team and they will assist you (call Sunderland City Council on 0191 520 5552 and ask to be put through to the Safeguarding Adults Team Duty Officer).

Guidance for Professionals using the Portal to complete an online Safeguarding Adults Concern

Safeguarding Adults Threshold Guidance Tool

SAR Referral Form – Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) Referral Form, for use when someone needs to refer a case for consideration to be taken forward as a Safeguarding Adult Review.  Before competing this form, please read the SAR Referral Guidance.

Individual Agency Guidance – This SSAB guidance document can be used by any agency who doesn’t already have a Safeguarding Adults Policy as a basis for their own policy, after they have personalised the relevant sections.  It can also be used by agencies that do have a Safeguarding Adults Policy, as a ‘checklist’ that they’ve included the key expected information to have an effective policy.

Herbert Protocol – this is the document to use when a person with dementia goes missing.

Missing Adults Protocol February 2022 – this is the document to use/refer to when an adult goes missing and contains useful guidance.

When to Report a Missing Adult – From 23rd January 2023, Northumbria Police will only accept reports of missing adults in the first instance where there is a critical concern for a person’s safety. If there is not a critical concern, then you must keep the risk assessment of that person under review. You must only contact the police via 999 if a critical concern has been identified. All other reports should be made via 101.

National Referral Mechanism – How to report modern slavery as a first responder.

Northumbria Police Partnership Intelligence Form – this document is for reporting ‘soft intelligence’ to the police.

Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service (TWFRS) has a new (April 2023) referral pathway for individuals and partners to request a Safe and Well Visit from them.  The Safelincs website is now used across the UK, and can be accessed via HFSC (  This is a quick, easy-to-follow online process and has been developed through a partnership between the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC), Fire Kills and Safelincs.  Consent is key – without consent from the occupier the website won’t let you proceed.  However, if there is a critical risk of fire, and you are unable to gain consent to refer to TWFRS, you can email TWFRS can then discuss the risks and the potential for a “cold call” visit during office hours or at evenings/weekends.

Complex Adults Risk Management (CARM)

CARM Agency Report Template

CARM Confidentiality Statement

CARM Fact Sheet

CARM Flow Chart

CARM Meeting Chair Crib Sheet

CARM Policy

CARM Practice Guidance

CARM Referral Form Template

CARM What To Expect Guidance