Safeguarding Adult Reviews

Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) concerning Alan

Alan SAR – 7 Minute Briefing

Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) concerning Eva

Eva SAR – 7 Minute Briefing

Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) concerning Angela, Barry and Claire

Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) concerning Tracy


7 Minute Briefings

Professional Curiosity: 7 Minute Briefing

Domestic Abuse: 7 Minute Briefing

Domestic Abuse Good Practice: 7 Minute Briefing

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM): 7 Minute Briefing

Prevent (Radicalisation): 7 Minute Briefing

Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) Criteria: 7 Minute Briefing

Self Neglect: 7 Minute Briefing

Self-Neglect Good Practice Case Example: 7 Minute Briefing

Sexual Abuse: 7 Minute Briefing

Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery: 7 Minute Briefing

What To Do If You Suspect Adult Abuse or Neglect: 7 Minute Briefing

What Is Sunderland Safeguarding Adults Board? 7 Minute Briefing

Predatory Marriage: 7 Minute Briefing

Hypothermia: 7 Minute Briefing

Preventing Fire Deaths: 7 Minute Briefing (provided by Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service)


Self-Neglect Resources: 7-Minute Briefings and What to do about Self-Neglect Animation

Covid-19 and the associated restrictions have been seen to have an impact upon the increasing number and complexity of safeguarding concerns involving self-neglect, that are being reported in the North East.  Reduced face-to-face contact with people (and access to their homes) as well as an increased reluctance for people to access support and services are thought to be contributory factors to this.  Our concern for vulnerable adults remains at the forefront of our work.  To this end, and in response to requests from front line practitioners, the North East ADASS Safeguarding Network (of which SSAB is a member) have commissioned and published in 2022 a series of “7-minute guides” that highlight the key issues around aspects of Self-Neglect.  These are available to download below, and are also printer-compatible:

Self-Neglect – An Overview: 7 Minute Briefing

Self-Neglect and Trauma: 7 Minute Briefing

Self-Neglect and Self-Care: 7 Minute Briefing

Self-Neglect and Homelessness: 7 Minute Briefing

Self-Neglect and Hoarding: 7 Minute Briefing

Self-Neglect and Engagement: 7 Minute Briefing

Self-Neglect and Alcohol and Substance Misuse: 7 Minute Briefing

Animation: What to do about Self-Neglect (YouTube link)


Information for Displaced People from Ukraine

See Something Poster This poster has been kindly shared by Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board and amended for use in Sunderland. The poster translates as: See something, hear something, say something. If you do not feel safe, or your host does not make you feel safe, or you are in danger please call 0191 520 5552, If it is an emergency and you need help now please call 999.

Checklists / Guidance

ADASS Safeguarding People in Closed Environments Checklist  This tool is aimed at both senior managers and front-line practitioners.  It is based on a review of evidence from serious case reviews & other research about what to look out for when reviewing placements or ‘closed’ environments where people may be experiencing abuse.

SSAB Presentation: Creating Safer Cultures in Health and Care Settings   This presentation can be used with your staff as a training and/or discussion tool to promote the creating of safer cultures in a range of health and care settings.

SSAB Professional Curiosity Guidance   This guidance document is to support professionals to use professional curiosity when working with individuals at risk of abuse and/or neglect or who have complex issues.  Professional curiosity is the capacity and communication skill to explore and understand what is happening with an individual and/or within a family.

Modern Day Slavery – Spot The Signs of Labour Exploitation A5 Leaflet (GLAA – Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority) A summary of how to spot the signs of labour exploitation and modern slavery, and how to report your concerns.

NICE Quick Guide: Creating A Safeguarding Culture in Care Homes This is a quick guide for registered managers of care homes on creating a safeguarding culture in the care home.  It covers tips on safeguarding policy, systems & procedures, whistleblowing, roles and responsibilities, creating a positive culture, and management and supervision.

SSAB Predatory Marriage A5 Poster   This poster gives a short overview of what predatory marriage is, and where to get more information.

A Quick Reference Guide for Professionals on Appropriate Language when Identifying and Responding to Domestic Abuse


Safeguarding Adults Concerns and Enquiries – LGA/ADASS Resources:

Guidance: Understanding what constitutes a safeguarding concern and how to support effective outcomes

Report Appendices: Understanding what constitutes a Safeguarding Concern – Appendices

Frequently Asked Questions: Understanding What Constitutes a Safeguarding Concern – FAQs

Quick Guide: Quick Guide to What Constitutes a Safeguarding Concern

Safeguarding Adults Enquiries: Making Decisions on the Duty to Carry out Safeguarding Adults Enquiries


Videos /Animations

Tricky Friends ‘Mate Crime’ Video Animation


Trusted Professionals Domestic Abuse Animation: Trusted Professionals Domestic Abuse Animation

National County Lines Coordination Centre (NCLCC) Modern Slavery National Referral Mechanism Awareness video (YouTube link):   Modern Slavery National Referral Mechanism Awareness

Safeguarding Conference 2023

The South Tyneside & Sunderland ‘Think Family’ Safeguarding Conference covering safeguarding children and adults issues took place again this year after a gap of 3 years due to COVID.  It was held on 20th September 2023 and professionals from a range of agencies that support children and adults who are at risk of abuse and/or neglect attended to gain more knowledge on the following topics:

  • Mental Capacity, Professional Curiosity and Executive Functioning – Learning from Safeguarding Adult Reviews (including the ‘Alan’ SAR, published in Sunderland in 2021) – presented by Mike Ward, Senior Consultant at Alcohol Change UK.  Read more about the work of Alcohol Change UK and access resources at: Alcohol Change UK
  • Youth Suicide – presented by Dr Sangeeta Mahajan, a Consultant Anaesthetist at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London, who lost her son to suicide.  She is a mental health activist and educator, a qualified trainer in Youth Mental Health First aid and has trained doctors, teachers and others to identify young people in difficulty at an early stage. Through writing and speaking, she endeavours to engage with people from all communities to prevent young suicide by raising awareness and reducing stigma.  Read more and access resources at:
  • Knife Crime & it’s impact on children & young people – presented by the Northumbria Violence Reduction Unit and the Connor Brown Trust.  Read more and access resources at: Northumbria Violence Reduction Unit and Connor Brown Trust
  • Learning from Fire Deaths – presented by Alan D’Arcy, Youth & Safeguarding Manager, Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service.  Read more about their work at:  To access the free home fire safety check, go to:

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External Links – E-Learning

SCIE Dementia Awareness E-Learning Course (cost applies)

SCIE Mental Capacity Act E-Learning Course (free)

Home Office ‘Prevent’ (anti-radicalisation) E-Learning Course (free)

Home Office Modern Slavery first responder training E-Learning (free online training and video resources)